Now on display at Parliament House is a exhibition which we’re advised is that the first of its type. Entitled Practice and Place, it is a showcase of works by artists located in remote and regional locations. There are a few striking works from the series. These are strong functions. Overall however, the mix of [ Read On… ]

Governments alter priorities all of the time. Some assert governments will concentrate on developing regional regions at the same point in time and refocus on important cities in another. Our study proves there are cycles how much priority authorities attach to regional problems. However, these changes are overshadowed by a bigger, long-term tendency towards greater [ Read On… ]

It is a dream because a century of Australian history reveals it will not work. And it is dangerous because it provides authorities an excuse to avoid the difficult decisions about planning and transportation required to make housing cheaper and cities more liveable. As Federation, state and national authorities have attempted to lure individuals, business [ Read On… ]